Herbert Brown
Mr. Herbert Brown
Name Herbert Brown
Gender Male
Race White
Born Unknown
Occupation Butcher
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Donald Crisp

Herbert Brown, mostly called Mr. Brown, is the wife of Araminty Brown and the father of Edwina, Malvolia, Velvet, and Donald, as well as a butcher in the town of Sewels.

Biography Edit

Herbert Brown married Araminty shortly after she swam the English Channel. After marrying Armanity they purchased the family farm and their old work horse Miss Ada. Later on, they had four children and a dog named Jacob. He was very aprehensive about getting a horse for his youngest daughter, and thought that Velvet entering The Pie into the Grand National was an absurd idea. When Mi and Velvet are off to enter the race, he sneaks Mi a few pounds to bet on The Pie. After the news comes in that the winning jockey was in fact Velvet, he is proud of his daughter even though she gets disqualified, especially when the American cinema starts to offer up money for Velvet and The Pie to come to be in pictures.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Mr. Brown was very stern in how he talked to his family, often giving the orders but not taking any from anyone but himself. For a while, he did not want Velvet to be around horses, but he eventually accepted the fact that his youngest daughter loves horses.

Trivia Edit

  • Herbert Brown was played by Donald Crisp.
  • In the book Herbert and Armanity have a 15 year old daughter named Meredith giving them a grand total of five children. Meredith isn't seen or mentioned in the the movie or the TV series.
  • In "International Velvet" Mr. Brown has a granddaughter named Sarah Velvet. Sarah moves from Cave Creek, Arizona to England to live with Velvet and her boyfriend John after Donald and his wife die in a car accident.
  • Herbert didn't want Velvet to have The Pie or race in The Grand National out of fear that she'd get hurt. Herbert wanted to protect Velvet from The Pie.